Honours Frequently Asked Questions

The below list is for current or intending Honours students. If you have any further questions relating to the Honours year, please contact the School office at education@unsw.edu.au.

What are the entry requirements for the Education Honours program?

Entry to the Education Honours program is available to Undergraduate Education students at UNSW who have a grade average of at least 70% in their Education program of study. Admission to Honours is subject to approval of the Head of School, and the availability of appropriate supervision. Candidates should therefore note that the minimum qualifications for entry will not guarantee automatic admission.

The Education Honours program is also open to external applicants. External applicants should direct their enquiries regarding entry requirements to the relevant admissions office:

For Domestic applicants
UNSW Admissions Office (Honours)
Phone: +61 2 9385 3228
Contact: www.enquiry.unsw.edu.au 

For International applicants
UNSW Direct Admissions Office
Phone: +61 2 9385 3656
Contact: www.enquiry.unsw.edu.au

How do I apply for Honours?

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will coordinate the application process for your Education Honours year. Please see here for more information.

How do I enrol in my honours courses?

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Services office will contact Honours candidates each semester instructing them to complete an enrolment form.

Education Honours students will enrol in 18 units of credit of coursework in their Honours year. There are 2 steps in the process of enrolling in these units.

1. The Faculty will assist Honours candidates to enrol in the following shell courses:

  • EDST4505 Honours Research Methodology (6 UOC)
  • EDST4506 Honours Seminar 1 (6 UOC)
  • EDST4507 Honours Seminar 2 (6 UOC)

2. The School of Education will assist Honours candidates to enrol as ‘auditors’ in eligible Masters electives, which will make up the content of the above mentioned shell courses. A full list of Education masters electives can be found here. Honours candidates should consult with their supervisor for enrolment advice before deciding which course to select.

Who can help me with Honours enquiries within the School of Education?

Please email education@unsw.edu.au with any honours enquiries.

How many words does my Honours thesis need to be?

Education Honours theses are typically 15-20,000 words in length, depending on the nature of the study. The maximum length allowed is 25,000 words.

The School will reimburse the students for the three spiral assessment copies for examiners and 1 hard copy of final thesis for SED library – an ER1 form will need to be completed. An electronic version may need to be sent through to the UNSW Library. Please read the section on copyright criteria and embargoes on publication of theses on the GRS and the Library websites.

What format should I submit my thesis in for assessment?

Students in the Education Honours program are required to submit three copies of their thesis in temporary binding (Plastic comb bound format) for examination. Honours students should follow the thesis format requirements outlined by the Graduate Research School, on pages 1 – 10 of the thesis format guide (PDF). Please note, Honours candidates are not required to submit a graduate information sheet with their thesis.

Where do I submit my thesis?

Thesis copies for assessment should be submitted to the School of Education office, located on level 1 of the John Goodsell Building.

Who will examine my Honours thesis?

Two internal examiners with specific expertise in the topic area are chosen from within the School, nominated by the supervisor and endorsed by the Research Student Coordinator. Students have the right to indicate any examiner they would prefer not to examine their thesis and this can be indicated by submitting a written notification to the Honours Coordinator at least one month before the date the student’s thesis is submitted for examination. Supervisors and co-supervisors cannot be appointed as examiners. This process ensures that appropriately qualified examiners are appointed, that any student notification regarding examiners is considered and that examiners do not have a potential conflict of interest.

What should I do if I am not able to submit my thesis by the due date?

Requests for extension and special consideration will be subject to the general rules and procedures of the School.

Please note, any Honours student requesting an extension to their thesis submission date must submit both a formally documented request for extension and a special consideration request.

Please note that the submission of requests for an extension and special consideration does not necessarily guarantee approval of the request. All requests must be supported by a medical certificate or other documentation as specified in the above mentioned guidelines.

Please see the Student Policies and Procedures.

How is the final mark for the Honours year calculated?

The honours thesis assessment process includes written reports on the thesis incorporating a short statement of the reasons for the raw grade awarded to the thesis. The reports and grades are discussed and moderated if necessary by the School of Education Research Committee. Reports and names of examiners will not be released to the student until after the examination process is complete. In terms of the overall WAM, which is what is used to determine the honours class, the thesis is worth 30 UOC out of the total 48 UOC, so it’s 62.5% of the overall WAM. Honours students will receive their results when the UNSW official results are released for the final semester of their Honours program. 

When will I receive my final Honours mark?

Honours students will receive their results when the UNSW official results are released for the final semester of their Honours program.

What mark is required to be awarded First Class Honours?

Class 1 is awarded to students who achieve a final honours mark of 85% or more. Honours class and division are recognised at a University level. Class and division will be noted on the student’s academic transcript and testamur.

Can I go on to study a PhD at UNSW?

If you are considering applying for the PhD, you will need the following:

4.3.7 Doctor of Philosophy qualifications:

(a) An applicant for admission to the degree shall have been awarded an appropriate four year degree of Bachelor with first (85+) or upper second class (75+) Honours from the University of New South Wales or a completed Masters by Research including a substantial research component from the University of New South Wales or a qualification at a level from another tertiary institution considered equivalent by the Faculty Research Committee or Higher Degree Committee (HDC).

See here for more information. (PDF)