Honours is an extra year of study, usually following immediately on from a pass degree, that combines aspects of undergraduate study with those of post-graduate research. It introduces advanced research training through the completion of a thesis.

Students who undertake Bachelors degrees in Australia typically have the opportunity to complete either a Pass degree or an Honours degree. A Pass degree, the standard course followed by most students, is structured around coursework and is usually completed in three years. An Honours degree is available only to students who have a grade average of 70% in a particular program of study, involves both coursework and advanced research training, and has an extra year of university study devoted to it.


Honours Scholarship

Value: $3500

How many: 1 Scholarship(s) available and support is provided for one year

Outline: The Scholarship is established to encourage students undertaking the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education or a Graduate Diploma in Education program to undertake Honours level study in Education at UNSW.

Selection: To be eligible for a Scholarship, an applicant must be proposing to undertake full-time study in an Honours program in Education at UNSW. Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of academic merit, particularly their academic results in the recent years prior to undertaking an honours year.

Residency: Aus Citizen/Aus Permanent Resident

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