Professional Experience

Orientation for PE1 15th May 2019.

Professional Experience is the central component of all pre-service programs. It is where theory and practice is integrated and inter-related. This critical component sees the School of Education and schools working collaboratively to ensure student teachers can demonstrate achievement of the National Teaching Standards.

Professional Experience Timeframe

Secondary Teaching:

PE1: 3rd June – 1st July 2019

PE2: 15th October – 14th December 2019

Primary Teaching:

PE1: 3rd June – 1st July 2019

PE2: 5th February – 5th April 2019


BABEd | BScBEd | BEcBEd | BMusBEd | BComBEd | BFABEd | BMA BED (Hons) | BDesBEd (Hons)

  • EDST6760 Professional Experience 1 - 20 days
  • EDST6765 Professional Experience 2/Internship - 45 days
  • EDST2002 Professional Engagement - 15 days
  • TOTAL = 80 days


Master of Teaching

  • EDST6760 Professional Experience 1- 20 days
  • EDST6765 Professional Experience 2/Internship - 45 days
  • TOTAL = 65 days

Through careful observation and supervised teaching, Professional Experience enables pre-service teachers to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to plan for and manage successful classrooms. It aims to develop a strong commitment, enthusiasm and respect for the teaching profession and encourages pre-service teachers to engage with the broader community.

Professional Experience is undertaken in a variety of secondary school settings, as required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), ensuring a diverse range of experiences in year levels and subjects taught, educational sectors (DET, independent, Catholic and other denominations), geographical location (inner city, outer suburbs, rural), and socio-economic profile of the school.

Professional Experience begins with 3 days of observation followed by a specified number of days of teaching experience. Observation of lessons enables pre-service teachers to see various teaching styles and strategies and to get to know the school and the students he/she will teach. By observing teachers of these classes, the pre-service teacher will become familiar with the management, planning and sequencing of lessons in those classes. During this period, pre-service teachers should also gain an understanding of the range of activities that occurs both inside and outside the classroom, and the roles of the teaching and non-teaching staff within the school. Observation of lessons must continue throughout Professional Experience after the formal observation period is complete.