Policies & Guidelines

We encourage you to regularly check your UNSW Z Mail and MyUNSW to ensure you are familiar with the latest UNSW student guidelines and policies.

You can read the School of Education's Student Policies and Procedures (PDF) here. It is very important you read this document and familiarise yourself with the information outlined in it.

Attendance and absence

Students are expected to be regular and punctual in attendance at all classes in the courses in which they are enrolled. All applications for exemption from attendance at classes of any kind must be made in writing to the course authority. For more information, see the section on Attendance and Absence within the School's Student Policies and Procedures document above.

UNSW graduate attributes

UNSW graduate capabilities - desired learning outcomes for all UNSW students. For more information, see UNSW graduate attributes.

Higher Degree Research - Guide for new students

The School of Education has created an Introductory Guide for New Research Students (PDF), to assist any new research students within the School, when you commence at UNSW.

Plagiarism and academic integrity

Program leave and discontinuation

To ensure that you maintain standing in your program you must formally apply for program leave through your student profile in myUNSW. For more information, see program leave and discontinuation.

Re-marking/review of results

Information about obtaining and reviewing your results. For more information, see re-marking.

School of Education policies

For broad policy information within the School of Education, view the Student Policies and Procedures document (PDF).

Special consideration (illness and misadventure)

Sickness, misadventure, or other circumstance beyond your control may prevent you from completing a course requirement or may significantly affect your performance in assessable work. You can apply for consideration for the affected assessments through your Student Profile in myUNSW. For more information, see special consideration.

Special permission to withdraw from a course without penalty

To withdraw from a course after both the census date and the withdrawal without academic penalty date have passed, you need special permission. Applications to be made through your Student Profile in myUNSW. For more information, see special permission to withdraw from a course.

Student code of conduct

The overarching obligation of all students is to act in the best interests of the University community at all times. For more information, see student code of conduct.

Student Equity and Disabilities Unit

Facilitating inclusive educational policy and practices across UNSW. For more information, see Student Equity and Disability Unit.

Student Life and Learning Unit

  • Safety and well-being – counselling, mental health, settling in, harassment
  • Personal issues – accommodation, money matters, legal advice

For more information, see Student Life and Learning.

UNSW health and safety policies

The University's health and safety policies for students and staff. For more information, see UNSW health and safety policies.