MTeach (Secondary)

Master of Teaching

Welcome to the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program. The following information will help you during your program. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School of Education.


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Master of Teaching (Secondary) program plans and calendar

MTeach (Secondary) program plan for students commencing full-time in 2019 (PDF)

If you are studying part time, please contact the MTeach Student Advisor for a plan:

Master of Teaching (Secondary) Calendar (PDF)

Master of Teaching In School Teacher Education Program (INSTEP)

Click here to download the Master of Teaching INSTEP Program Handbook (PDF)


The In School Teacher Education Program (INSTEP) is a compulsory requirement for all UNSW Master of Teaching students in their first three semesters of their program. It aims to develop faster and deeper understanding of the NSW educational environment and accelerated development of teacher knowledge and skills through an integrated program of theory and practice which involves weekly interaction with real students and teachers in schools. Through INSTEP teacher education students will not only observe and interact with a diverse range of students with varying educational needs, but will participate actively in teaching and learning in a secondary school in NSW.


2019 dates will be uploaded soon


Master of Teaching students must attend the compulsory inductions, including Working with Children and Child Protection legislation training sessions. Teacher education students must obtain a volunteer Working with Children (WWC) check from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian before the commencement of Week 2 of INSTEP. Students need to present a copy of the WWC, Anaphylaxis and Child Protection paperwork to the front office/coordinator when they present to their INSTEP school. Teacher education students must also upload a copy of this material to their page on the UNSW OPS (Online Placement System).


Note that teacher education students must attend school for the full day and be involved in all aspects of the school program. This will include sport activities, yard supervision, assemblies, meetings and other duties specified by the school. The Attendance/Leave of Absence Sheet (Appendix 3), signed by both the Teacher Education student and Supervising teacher. This must be uploaded to the OPS.

Failure to attend 80% of days may result in a FAIL result.

All the information you need to know about the program can be found in the 2018 INSTEP Program handbook (PDF)