We occasionally post education-related work opportunities on our website. It is important to note that we do not endorse or check the organisations listed, nor do we vet the jobs. Any agreement reached is solely between you and the advertisor, and the School of Education takes no responsibility for any outcomes of such an arrangement.

Local opportunities

Local employment opportunities

The goal of the School of Education is to produce the best quality for future teachers for NSW Schools. You will find opportunities available both within NSW and outside of NSW. If there is nothing that appeals to you but you think may be of interest to someone else, please do not hesitate to forward on.

International opps

International employment opportunities

While you are excited to work in one of the many fantastic schools we have here in NSW, there may come a time where you wish to seek an opportunity elsewhere, overseas for example. You will find a list of recruitment agencies offering help to obtain these positions as well as jobs within schools you can apply directly for.

Teacher resources opps

Teacher resources

It is always helpful to have tools at your fingertips to use at a moments' notice. Take a look at some of the resources available to you as a teacher. If you know of any other resources that may be useful to a teacher and you would like to share, please contact the School of Education with your suggestions.