DEC Opportunities

NSW Department of Education Opportunities, Internships and Cadetships

These listings relate to work experience opportunities in different areas of NSW.

Beyond the Line - Rural

This DEC program involves a week-long orientation and professional experience visits, providing a snapshot of lifestyle and career opportunities for teachers in rural and remote areas.
Speak to our PE Office if you would like to consider a rural placement and they will find a school appropriate to your teaching area.

Beyond the Bridge - School Community Visits

The Beyond The Bridge initiative gives you the chance to experience schools located in metropolitan areas that hold the greatest number of employment opportunities. During the visit, you'll observe the excellent teaching and learning strategies within these school communities and have the opportunity for discussions with a mix of beginning and experienced teachers.

In 2015, this will be a mandatory day for UNSW Education students and will count towards your BOSTES required days.

Graduate Recruitment Program

If you want to become a teacher in NSW public schools, you should apply for the NSW Department of Education and Communities' Graduate Recruitment Program (GRP) at any time during your final two semesters of study.

The GRP facilitates the recruitment of teacher education graduates for casual, temporary and permanent employment in NSW public schools.

Follow this link to read more about the benefits and requirements.