The Great Rural Experience

27 Apr 2017

Professional Experience 1 Orientation day a great success

The day consisted of information sessions, a workshop to develop skills in observation and valuable data collection. There was a generous amount of time allocated for students who have already completed PE1 to share their experiences and tips for the cohort’s first placement. The current students were able to ask questions to the past PE1 students, academics and professionals regarding their placements.

Mel Johnston from Coonabarabran High School spoke to the cohort about “The Great Rural Experience”. From Mel’s introduction about rural placements and working in rural schools there has been an increase in demand for rural placements. Many students have commented on the success of the day appreciating in particular the insight of the past PE1 students from their placements and Mel’s account of life in the country as a teacher.

There was a high attendance from the students that was maintained throughout the day. Many thanks to the academic staff that helped on the day, Karen Maras and Hoa Nguyen, Research Fellow Tracy Durksen, Simone Pilosio and The Professional Experience Team, Past PE1 Students, Ellessy Ruan, Sebastian Riorden, Georgina Papiyianakis and in particular to Mel Johnston who was happy to speak to the students during his holiday to Sydney.

Click here to listen to Mel talking about teaching in rural schools