Learning, Motivation, and Engagement: Strategies and Approaches that Work - Dr Paul Evans and Prof Andrew Martin

When:14 Aug 2019, 4pm - 9pm
Venue:UNSW Australia - Room 119, Level 1 John Goodsell Building
Who:Dr Paul Evans and Prof Andrew Martin

Learning, Motivation, and Engagement: Strategies and Approaches that Work

Presenter: Dr Paul Evans and Prof Andrew Martin

Date: 14 August 2019

Time: 9am-4pm

Educational psychology is the science of learning—how people learn and how teachers can harness this to teach effectively. In this workshop, we provide an overview of how educational psychology works, and the role of evidence from the science of learning in applying educational psychology to practice.

We then discuss some of educational psychology’s biggest hits – major targets for intervention that are demonstrated to work and that produce the best learning and behaviour among students.

Our recent work examines teaching styles and teaching strategies, including their effects on motivation, engagement, and achievement. Practical strategies for implementing these practices are a focus of the workshop, including potential for carrying out research in your own school.

Topics include motivation, engagement, understanding how to select the best techniques based on where learners are in the learning process, as well as mental skills such as resilience, goal-setting, and adaptability.

About the Presenters

Andrew Martin, BA (Hons), MEd (Hons), PhD, is Scientia Professor, Professor of Educational Psychology, and Co-Chair of the Educational Psychology Research Group in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia specializing in motivation, engagement, achievement, and quantitative research methods. He is also Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, Honorary Professor in the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and President of the International Association of Applied Psychology’s Division 5 Educational and School Psychology.

Dr Paul Evans, BMusBEd(Hons), MME, PhD, is a senior lecturer in educational psychology at the School of Education. He teaches and researches in motivation and engagement in a range of educational settings, with an emphasis on music education. His current work includes examining the practice strategies and motivation in high-ability students, understanding why students choose different subjects to study at school, and the impact of multidimensional approaches to engagement. Paul teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in educational psychology, music education, music psychology, and motivation. He is the Program Director for the Bachelor of Education program.

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