Welcome to the Teacher Professional Learning group in the School of Education at UNSW. Our aim is to work alongside our colleagues in the teaching profession to enhance their learning across the continuum from teacher education student to lead teacher.

We are developing a specialist strand for teacher professional learning in the Masters of Education degree that we will offer from 2016 onwards.

Our community engagement will involve both school-based research as well as on our virtual network that will enable us to collaborate with more of our colleagues in schools.

Our current research projects include a focus on mentoring and supervision in professional experience and professional learning, developing robust classroom observation protocols and instruments for all teachers and establishing transformative agendas in teacher education with our partner schools.


Our research is guided by the broad overarching question of: How do teachers learn across the continuum from graduate to lead teacher?
Currently we are pursuing joint enquiries within our team and in concert with our school partners on the following driving questions:

  • How do teacher education students learn on professional experience?
  • How do teachers learn through the process of action learning teams?
  • How can teachers learn through peer and self-observation and professional dialogue?
  • How can teachers document and analyse evidence of their professional learning?

Community Engagement

Community engagement is central to our moral purpose. Our research, professional learning and community endeavours seamlessly work together in our efforts to work alongside and make a meaningful contribution to the teaching profession. Within this holistic framework of service to the profession, we have some specific goals for the remainder of 2015:

  • Work with our hub school Beverly Hills Girls High School to develop a transformative agenda for school-university partnerships in teacher professional learning across the continuum from teacher education students  to lead teacher.
  • Develop research-enriched mentoring professional learning courses for supervising teachers in a variety of flexible modalities. These courses will range from two-hour briefings up to MEd courses.
  • Work with the AIS on mentoring and assessment in professional experience.
  • Work with Beverly Hills Girls High School to develop a website for exemplars of different levels of teacher performance. The website will offer support for mentors through curating existing tools and resources within a pedagogical frame.
  • Work with Rooty Hill High School on classroom observation protocols and instruments.
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Videos Teacher Professional Learning, School of Education, UNSW Australia   Teacher Professional Learning, School of Education, UNSW Australia

Dr Tony Loughland, Director of the Teacher Professional Learning at UNSW School of Education explains how our research looks at the effectiveness of different professional learning strategies. He also explains the mentoring and coaching programs available at our School which are delivered by experienced researchers in this field.

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