Welcome to the Teacher Professional Learning group in the School of Education at UNSW. Our aim is to work alongside our colleagues in the teaching profession to enhance their learning across the continuum from teacher education student to lead teacher.

We are developing a specialist strand for teacher professional learning in the Masters of Education degree that we will offer from 2016 onwards.

Our community engagement will involve both school-based research as well as on our virtual network that will enable us to collaborate with more of our colleagues in schools.

Our current research projects include a focus on mentoring and supervision in professional experience and professional learning, developing robust classroom observation protocols and instruments for all teachers and establishing transformative agendas in teacher education with our partner schools.

Dr Tony Loughland, Director of the Teacher Professional Learning at UNSW School of Education explains how our research looks at the effectiveness of different professional learning strategies. He also explains the mentoring and coaching programs available at our School which are delivered by experienced researchers in this field.