UNSW offers a suite of professionally accredited programs to prepare students for secondary school teaching in a range of subjects.

All undergraduate preservice teacher education students study a compulsory course, Responding to Gifted and Talented Students, taught during the fourth year of their dual degree program. For more information, see:

How to identify gifted students and how to work with these students is one aspect that the UNSW School of Education incorporates into its learning and teaching program for teacher education students. Hear more about our programs here.

Postgraduate Coursework: Pre-service teacher training

UNSW offers a postgraduate preservice teacher education accredited program to prepare students for secondary school teaching in a range of subjects which includes a compulsory course in addressing learner diversity which deals explicitly with gifted students and their needs.

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Postgraduate Coursework: Teacher professional development

UNSW offers specialist postgraduate coursework programs in Gifted Education which are designed for teachers in mainstream schools who wish to facilitate the inclusion of gifted and talented students, as well as for those who want to work as gifted and talented educators in specialised settings. These settings range from selective schools to opportunity classes for school-aged children.
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Sample courses:

  • Current Issues in the Education of Intellectually Gifted Children
  • Leadership for Gifted Students
  • Identification of Gifted Students
  • Curriculum Differentiation and Assessment in Gifted Education
  • Creativity & Giftedness
  • Social and Emotional Development of Intellectually Gifted Children
  • Key Concepts in Gifted Education
  • Developing Effective Programs for Gifted Children.

PhD studies in Gifted Education, School of Education, UNSW Australia

Hong Cao talks about her studies and why she chose to study at UNSW. Her research looks at gifted EFL students in Vietnam and how they come up with their career choices.

Postgraduate Research

Gifted Education staff at UNSW are interested in supervising research students on topics relating to their areas of expertise and current foci. They are able to supervise students in the following broad areas:

  • Academic engagement
  • Acceleration
  • Career development
  • Curriculum/pedagogy
  • Differentiation
  • Highly gifted populations
  • History of gifted education
  • Identification
  • Indigenous populations
  • Motivation
  • Parenting
  • Project-based learning
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Twice exceptionality
  • Underachievement.