Gifted Education is a broad field covering studies of high ability individuals, and the multiple approaches to meet the educational and related needs of these individuals.

Members of the Gifted Education disciplinary hub form an integral part of GERRIC, the pre-eminent office of gifted education research in the southern hemisphere.

Our scholars regularly attract prestigious grant funding from bodies such as the Australian Research Council and the US-based John Templeton Foundation, and our research has been published in many major international and national journals in the field.

Our higher degree research students undertake contemporary research in areas including acceleration/ability grouping, career development, differentiating curriculum and pedagogy, decision-making, disadvantaged and culturally diverse populations, highly gifted populations, identification, indigenous populations, mathematics education, motivation, multi-literacies, science education, socio-emotional development, technology-enabled learning, twice exceptionality and underachievement from early childhood to tertiary contexts.


The Gifted Education Research Group engages in research on gifted education, defined broadly. The group conducts research that is informed by disciplinary perspectives in fields such as psychology and sociology, and aims to advance knowledge and practice on the education, learning, teaching, well-being, and development of individuals of high ability. The research group forms an integral part of GERRIC, which is the pre-eminent centre of gifted education research at UNSW and in the southern hemisphere, and one of approximately 10 substantial centres of gifted education research worldwide.

The research group has had numerous successes in securing grant funding from prestigious bodies such as the John Templeton Foundation (US$362,600 awarded to Professor Miraca Gross for a study completed in 2011 on academic acceleration) and the Australian Research Council (one of two Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) in the entire field of education awarded to Dr Jae Yup Jung in 2012 for a study on the career decisions of gifted adolescents; AU$333,623). Some of the awards granted to members in the area include the 2008 International Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mensa Foundation (to Professor Miraca Gross), a 2008 Order of Australia by the Queen (to Professor Miraca Gross), the 2011 Outstanding Research Award by Division E (Counseling and Human Development) of the American Educational Research Association (to Dr Jae Yup Jung), Australian Postgraduate Award (to Dr Susen Smith), UNE Vice-Chancellor¹s Award for Outstanding Achievements in Interdisciplinary Innovation (to Dr Susen Smith), the 2013 Early Leader Award from the National Association for Gifted Children (to Dr Jennifer L. Jolly), the 2012 Michael Pyryt Collaboration Award, AERA/Research on Creativity, Giftedness, and Talent (to Drs Jennifer L. Jolly, Alex Garn, and Michael Matthews), the 2008 Award for Excellence in Research, Mensa Foundation (to Dr Jennifer L. Jolly). Members in the area have published in all of the pre-eminent academic journals in the field, and have extensive international collaborations with esteemed scholars in the field. Professor Joyce VanTassel-Baska (College of William and Mary), Professors Susan Assouline and Nicholas Colangelo (University of Iowa), Professor Ann Robinson (University of Arkansas), Professor C. June Maker (University of Arizona), and Associate Professor Lannie Kanevsky (Simon Fraser University) have been regular visitors to UNSW.

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Community Engagement

The Gifted Education team have strong partnerships with a range of educational providers, including:


  • Aurora College
  • Elizabeth MacArthur High School
  • Matraville High School
  • Punchbowl Boys High School
  • Sydney Boys High School
  • Mulitple academically selective high schools that are part of the Australian Research Council DECRA Project (2013-2016)

Non-governmental organisations

Multiple Association for Independent Schools (AIS) and Catholic schools as part of numerous research projects in gifted education

Professional organisations

  • Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT)
  • Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Council for Exceptional Children, The Association for Gifted and Talented (CEC-TAG)
  • National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC–USA)
  • Organization of Educational Historians
  • Society for Vocational Psychology (SVP)
  • Gifted Learning Disabled (GLD)
  • Gifted Families Support Group (GFSG)
  • World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.
Postgraduate CourseworkPostgraduate Research
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