The Educational Policy and Leadership research group engages with educational politics, policy, organisations and leadership from a broadly critical perspective.

The group conducts educational research informed by theoretical frameworks and developments from a wide variety of fields (e.g. political theory, social and cultural geography, sociology, cultural studies, psychoanalytic theory, analytic and continental philosophy). This research aims to analyse, challenge and enrich debates about current and historical initiatives in education policy, politics, organisations and leadership in Australia and globally. This research group makes explicit the connections between the process and practices of education policy, politics, organisations and leadership, and other areas of public and social policy.

We undertake research on various levels of education, broadly conceived to include both formal sites like schools and universities, and also other forms of educational arenas like community groups. Our work includes: a focus on how education policy converges and overlaps with other policy areas, such as social policy and urban policies; how education policy relates to equity and inclusion; critical perspectives in educational leadership and organisations; and, the relation of policy to subjectivities and practices.

Educational leadership definitions, the need for leaders rather than managers, and developing a relational methodology to enable dialogue between researchers are all areas that interest Dr Scott Eacott, Director of the Office of Educational Leadership. Hear more about his methodology and research here.