Dr Sue Ollerhead

Lecturer, EAL/Literacies

BA, CELTA, MA (Linguistics), MEd (TESOL), PhD

School of Education


+61 (2) 9385 8243
115 Goodsell Building
Kensington Campus
Fields: English as a Second Language

Dr Sue Ollerhead is a lecturer in English as an additional language and Literacies in the School of Education. She has worked in EAL and literacy training in Africa, Europe and Australia, and has worked extensively on the development of English language materials for schools in sub-Saharan Africa. Her expertise lies in TESOL and EAL literacy development pedagogies, both within Australian secondary school classrooms and adult literacy programs. Her current research is focused on multilingual and translanguaging pedagogies to support and enhance classroom learning.

Edited book: Choi, J. & Ollerhead, S. (2018). Plurilingualism in teaching and learning: complexities across contexts. New York: Routledge


    Book Chapters

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    Journal articles

    Conference Papers

    • Ollerhead SH, 2012, 'Changing the discourse of deficit in the low-level adult ESL literacy classroom. Paper presented at combined ALAA-ALANZ conference.', in Changing the discourse of deficit in the low-level adult ESL literacy classroom. Paper presented at combined ALAA-ALANZ conference., 01 - 03 December 2011
    • Ollerhead SH, 2009, 'Teacher and learner agency in the low-level adult ESL literacy classroom', in Teacher and learner agency in the low-level adult ESL literacy classroom, 01 - 03 October 2014

    Edited Books

    • 2017, Plurilingualism in Teaching and Learning: Complexities across contexts, Taylor & Francis, London, United Kingdom

Teaching and Supervision

EDST5440 Advanced TESOL Methodology (MEd)

EDST5442 Advanced Professional Practice for TESOL (MEd)

EDST5441 Advanced Curriculum and Assessment for TESOL (MEd)

EDST2022 Teaching EAL/D Learners in the mainstream secondary school classroom (MEd)

EDST5457 Literature Review in Education (MEd)

EDST5454 Emerging Literacies: from Kindergarten to University (MEd/MTeach)

EDST5134 Addressing Learner Diversity

EDST5139 Literacy, Numeracy and Assessment across the Curriculum

EDST5131 Teaching Oral Communication

Honours and prizes

Macquarie University Research Excellence scholarship holder

Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship holder

Engagement and Professional contributions

Co-editor of Australian Review of Applied Linguistics

Member of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL)

Member of the New South Wales Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council (NSWALNC)

Member of the NSW Association for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ATESOL NSW)