Praise for the GERRIC Student Programs

Sage McLeanJake WidjayaSamuel playing Wii

Sage McLean                                             Jake Widjaya                                         Samuel

More praise from students

"It is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet new people. It will also give you confidence and will be able to have a LOT of fun. I really enjoyed it."

- Performative Radio Stories participant, July 2016 

"The GERRIC programs extend your knowledge in many beneficial ways and would greatly support your learning journey."

- Robots by EMU participant, July 2016

"It was a wonderful experience because you learn so many new thing to extend yourself, and you meet so many other gifted and talented students who can become life-long friends."

- Crime Scene to Courtroom participant, July 2016

"It is fun and interesting. Very interactive and also enables individual learning in areas that interest you in an out of school environment."

- Flex Your Wii Muscles participant, July 2016

"You HAVE to go, it's the BEST EVER!!!"

- Inventing participant, July 2016

"Workshops are very exciting and you can learn a lot in only 3 days."

- Inventing participant, July 2016

"It is a lot of fun and I have done 3 workshops and I enjoyed all of them."

- Switch on the Electricity participant, July 2016

"GERRIC is really fun since you learn things you wouldn't at school and you meet new people with similar interests."

- Weird, Wild and Wonderful participant, July 2016

"This is so fun, thinking twice about coming is just silly!"

- Speak Out! Learning to Be a Great Debater participant, January 2015

"The program is really good - it's like school, but time passes really quickly - you don't even notice it!"

 - Crime Scene to Courtroom participant, January 2015

"GERRIC is fantastic! It is so interesting and you make loads of new, fun friends! They have a variety of courses that really challenge your mind in different, but excellent ways!"

- Crime Scene to Courtroom participant, January 2015

"The teachers and staff are really nice and you learn a lot while having fun. You also meet lots of new people."

- Performative Radio Stories participant, January 2015

"It was amazing. The children were lovely, the teachers were delightful and I loved the pace and activities."

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone participant, 2014

"It was a great course and I would love to come again!"

– Developing Interactive Animations for the Web participant, 2014

"To me GERRIC was great and I am honoured for the scholarship... I made new friends at GERRIC and I liked my idea for a toy and a game!...I would like to thank GERRIC for giving me this great opportunity...I am inspired by the program."

- Isam Gurung, age 9, The Games People Play participant, January 2014, recipient of the Lauren Kipic Memorial Scholarship

More praise from parents and stakeholders

"My younger children recently attended the children’s program held in parallel to the 2016 AAEGT National Gifted Conference. They both had a fabulous time; they felt supported and engaged within their classes and explored topics of previously unknown territory. In particular, my 10 year old son formed a strong connection with another 10 year old boy- the creation of a bond warmly reciprocated so that the child’s mother sought me out amongst the 350 conference delegates and asked to exchange details. As we did, tears formed in her eyes. She expressed emotion detailing that her son had never made a connection with a peer in such a way before. The platform that provided the opportunity for these boys to meet and engage with a love of learning together had provided a real opportunity to form a friendship of like-minds. Despite a 4 hour flight separating the boys, they have continued to negotiate time differences to keep in touch through various means. Catching up, at least weekly, always involves lively conversation as the friendship of these two friends continue to blossom. We are exceptionally grateful for the opportunity that the children’s program provided for my son- and I know it has made a huge impact on his friend."

- Melinda Gindy, parent of a gifted student, September 2016

“GERRIC student programs are an opportunity for you to get out of the comfort zone that you experience in your everyday school and home routine. If you can find opportunities to do that, it’s going to allow you to make contributions beyond what you can think.”

– Professor Frederick G Hilmer AO, former UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor

"I would like to thank you for making it possible for our student to attend the GERRIC program in the July school holidays. Griffith really enjoyed the program and this wonderful experience has contributed significantly to his well-being and motivation to excel at school."

Marina Simpson, District School Counsellor, Cecil Hills High School

"Voni was an excellent teacher and my daughter really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot."

– Robyn Elmslie, parent

"This holiday, my son and his friend attended the Junior Scientia workshop on 'The Games People Play'. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend you, the presenter and his assistants on this great workshop. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. To us it seemed that he finally woke up after being asleep in class for the past two terms. All of the sudden he was sharing his stories on the events of the day with us, sharing his newly acquired knowledge and perspectives on the topic and initiating some great discussions on a variety of aspects of games and toys at my dinner table. We were thrilled with the enthusiasm that you were able to ignite."

– Kirsten Buwalda-Verra, parent

"Thank you very much on behalf of my daughter for the wonderful Gerric holiday program (July 2013). She thoroughly enjoyed her 'Brain' sessions with Prof Ken Ashwell and came away full of knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm for her learning."

– Amanda Harrison, parent

"As per other workshops she has done she had a great time. Megan was brilliant with the kids and as a parent I have to agree with Sage that exposure to the workshops at GERRIC is fantastic for kids from regional areas."

- Kate McLean, parent