For Gifted Students

how to talk so people will listenAre you a student in Years 3 – 10 at an Australian primary, middle or secondary school? Are you bright, intellectually inquisitive and looking for something more challenging, more intellectually demanding, and more fun than you may sometimes experience in school? Would you like to take part in school vacation program that will really stretch your mind?

GERRIC offers a range of programs for gifted and talented students (generally students who are capable of performing in the top 10% of their age-peers). GERRIC holiday programs will open your mind to abilities you may have not suspected you possess, and opportunities to use these abilities to the fullest. You’ll meet other kids who share your interests and you’ll also meet inspiring teachers who love working with gifted students.

Each workshop runs for three days, allowing you to work on a small project.

We have a new and exciting range of workshops, plus some of your favourites, for our next round of student programs. 

Applications for the July GERRIC school holiday program have now closed.  

Applications closed Year 3 - 6

Applications closed Year 7 - 10