For Educators

GERRIC provides inservices and short professional learning courses to individuals, schools or groups of schools. If you are wondering

  • how to identify gifted and talented students
  • how to differentiate the curriculum for your highly able students
  • whether and how to implement ability grouping or acceleration with your students
  • what the research says about gifted education best practices

then GERRIC can help! We offer everything from half-day in-services to 1, 2, and 4-day courses on a wide variety of topics in gifted education. Click below to read about the different professional learning opportunities we offer.

Katherine Thompson explains the importance of the various Gifted Education workshops offered by UNSW School of Education, as well as the school holiday programs that cater to gifted students and parents of gifted children.


GERRIC trainers visit dozens of schools each year bringing quality professional learning in gifted education to educators in their home settings. Our most popular inservice is our Mini-Certificate of Gifted Education (Mini-COGE), a two-day course guaranteed to give you the background you need to begin differentiating instruction to meet the needs of your gifted students. The mini-COGE can also be undertaken on-campus at UNSW. Learn more and enrol today!

The Mini-COGE is applicable to both primary and secondary contexts, but for those primary schools looking for a specific focus on the early years (Early Stage 1 and Stage 1), we have a one-day inservice called Identifying and Responding to the Needs of Young Gifted Children. Learn more.

GERRIC can also work with you to develop shorter half-day,  full-day, or after school inservices tailored to your school's needs, on any topic related to the education of gifted students. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Short Courses and Workshops

Gifted education offerings are a substantial part of the UNSW School of Education's comprehensive professional learning program, integrating workshops and courses offered by GERRIC and the Office of Educational Leadership (OEL) as well as other workshops covering a variety of educational disciplines.

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All of the postgraduate electives in gifted education (offered in the COGE and Masters programs) are available to be taken as professional learning only (without assessment). Each course can be undertaken individually, and in any order, and several of the courses are available online. While no degree is awarded under this pathway, each course offers 32 hours of BOSTES-recognised professional learning.

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Master Classes

GERRIC's one- or two-day Master Classes  are open to teachers or school administrators who have already completed at least 16 hours of training or professional learning in gifted education, presented by leading researchers in the field from Australia and overseas. Learn more about our recent and upcoming offerings!

Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education (COGE)

UNSW offers the Graduate Certificate of Gifted Education (COGE) – a four-course postgraduate program designed to equip teachers and school administrators to respond to the academic and social needs of gifted and talented students. The Certificate trains educators in the skills needed to identify intellectually gifted students and to design appropriate curricula and programs. Learn more and apply!

Master of Education (Gifted Education)

For those who want to delve even deeper, the Master of Education (Gifted Education) – includes the elective courses of the Certificate (above) along with the more intensive study into areas of your choice and a culminating research project.

PhD or Master by Research

Do you already have extensive training and know what you want to research? UNSW offers PhD programs or a Master of Education by Research (MEd). Please contact our Research Assistant if you have questions in this regard.