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NESA logoThe School of Education runs professional learning courses, workshops, and conferences for practising teachers led by experts in an array of fields. See below for information about our upcoming and past events. All our professional learning courses are accredited by NESA (formerly BOSTES QTC) - see each course for specific levels and standards that apply. We are an accredited NESA provider at Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead levels.

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2017 Professional Learning events and general workshops

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* Please note the School of Education provides accredited professional learning programs and consultancies to education departments around Australia, and to state, Catholic and independent schools. All our presenters have many years of experience and expertise. We can offer in-service professional learning at your school at a time that suits you and your staff. Contact us on 9385 1972 to discuss or email us on

**Please note that attendance at all hours of our courses is mandatory in order to receive accreditation. No partial attendance will be able to receive accreditation, so please plan your travel and commitments accordingly.

Date Course Discipline


18 & 19 January




8 February & 15 March Mini-COGE GERRIC
10 February ATESOL: Teach Meet
@ Beverly Hills Girls High Intensive English Centre - Free event
16 February ATESOL: Teach Meet
@Chatswood Intensive English Centre - Free event
17 & 18 February Ignite the Spark: Fuel the Fire Conference Gifted Education
24 February ATESOL: Teach Meet
@Auburn North Public School - Free event
18 March ATESOL: EAL/D Symposium - Who are your EAL/D Learners ATESOL
18 March Verbatim Theatre: PD workshop for NSW Drama Teachers
School of Arts and Media
25 March Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice: PD Workshop for NSW Drama Teachers School of Arts and Media
11 & 12 April Parent course - 2 Day Beginners
Gifted Education


6 May ATESOL: EAL/D Symposium Day 2 - Planning for teaching EAL/D learners ATESOL
10 May & 21 June Mini-COGE GERRIC
20 May ATESOL: Pronunciation workshop
27 May / 26 August / 18 November Mentoring & Coaching workshop - module 1, 2, 3
27 May, 26 August, 18 November
25 May

ATESOL: Supporting Students from Refugee Backgrounds K-12

1 & 2 June Mini-COGE Gifted Education
3 June ATESOL: Pronunciation Workshop
16 June ATESOL: Leadership and EAL/D workshop ATESOL


19 July Professor Karen Rogers - Bringing up your gifted child Gifted Education
20-23 July World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Conference and Pre-conference sessions
Gifted Education
27 July ATESOL: Writing Stages 1-4 - Confirming Identity: Supporting students to tell and write their own stories
@ Cabramatta Public School
8 & 9 August Mini-COGE GERRIC
10 August ATESOL: Macro Skills Development
@ Mascot Public School
17 August & 7 September Mini-COGE GERRIC
25 August Inquiry-based learning in mixed ability classrooms
Robyn Lonergan
30 August Enhancing assessment literacy to improve student learning
Professor Chris Davison and Jaime Rodriguez
Assessment and Evaluation
7 September ATESOL: Macro Skills Development
@ Mascot Public School

Term break

25 September

HSC English (ESL) - Revision Day ATESOL

27 & 28 September

Parent course - 2 Day Beginners Gifted Education


11 & 12 October Mini-COGE GERRIC
14 October ATESOL: EAL/D Grammar Workshop K-12 ATESOL
25 October & 8 November Mini-COGE GERRIC
16 November Parent course - 1 Day Advanced course Gifted Education
26 October ATESOL: Macro Skills Development
@ Mascot Public School

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